Some Hindus think that Muslims will dominate over Hindus as their population increases. Why is this so & what does an Indian Muslim think about it?

This Question appeared on quora and an Ex Muslim gives an awesome answer to the question, here is the answer:

Being an ex-Muslim and born in the 90s, I had a very secular upbringing from parents as well as my Grandmother. My Grandmother was a Muslim woman who was born in 1930s. Now I will explain my maternal Grandmother’s ideology.

  • My grandmother never wore a burqa throughout her entire life, in fact she even hated the idea of hijab.
  • She was very warm and welcoming towards other religious people as well.
  • She was the first person to support my sister’s interfaith marriage claiming there is nothing wrong with getting married to someone from another faith.
  • She knew I was an atheist but always loved me the same way and never had tried to intervene with my religious aversion.
  • She wanted all the woman in the family to work and be independent.
  • She loved watching movies, she would sit and watch movies with me.
  • She never liked the idea of sacrificing goats or any animal during Bakrid.
  • She prays a lot. Almost everyday.
  • She was a staunch Muslim but never a fanatic, she never had to cover herself with a Hijab right throughout her lifetime but she knew that she was more Muslim than anyone else.

Now let me explain about another character, one of my distant cousin . He was born in the early 80s. He had a secular upbringing but he worked in Saudi Arabia for almost 10 years and when he came back to India this was ideology.

  • Islam is the one true religion
  • All non-muslims should be addressed as Kafirs.
  • All woman in the family have to cover up their modesty with a hijab, he forced his wife to wear a hijab and worst of all he even forced his 7 year old daughter into wearing a hijab.
  • Girls should not go to college or study past their puberty. Marrying them off quickly after puberty is the best thing a father can do.
  • He makes his kids study only religious studies, they are not allowed to mingle with Kids from other communities.
  • Even his 5 year old kid should fast for 30 days even if he resisted it. His kid fell sick because of this.
  • Sacrifices more than 10 goats during Bakrid and wears a Saudi Sheik’s attire during religious festival.
  • Does not believe in Uniform civil code, feels India should give Muslims power to implement Sharia.
  • Prays all 5 times a day, called me a devil for being an atheist. Haven’t seen him for a long time.

A woman who is a Muslim but was born in the 1930s has such a progressive attitude towards religion but another man who was born in 80s has a regressive mindset simply because he was in Saudi for a long time. Now coming to the point, why Hindus feel threatened is because of the type 2 people like my Cousin who exists in India. It is majorly because of the Wahabi ideology he carried along with him post his stint in Arabia.

The Islam that I knew in India when I was growing up barely exists now. Earlier Indian Muslims blended their religious belief along with diversity and culture of India but now all I can see is Muslims trying to isolate their religion from this countries diversity and culture. A lot of Muslims will complain if they are not treated well in India but will never raise their voice if people of other religion are treated badly in Islamic countries. The mindset has to change from Indian Muslims point of view. They have to understand that the Islam followed in the middle east Saudi cannot be followed in a culturally rich country like India where the land belongs to all the religions and not to any single religion.

One thought on “Some Hindus think that Muslims will dominate over Hindus as their population increases. Why is this so & what does an Indian Muslim think about it?

  • September 14, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    India is free, democracy will be there for thousand years, compared to kings and rulers dynasty.
    Every citizens has equal rights, including children. India has the constitution which is supreme.
    Those who want to live in India must follow the constitution, and enjoy the freedom.

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