Team Of PM Modi Gives Befitting Reply To Those Who Are Blaming Him For Following Abusive Twitter Handles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s action of following somebody on Twitter does not amount to issuing the person a character certificate, the BJP social media team said on Thursday.

Amit Malviya, the ruling party’s national head for information and technology, issued this statement after the Congress noted how at least four people followed by Modi on the social networking site tweeted hate messages in the wake of journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

“PM following someone is not a character certificate of the person, and is not in any way a guarantee of how the person would conduct himself,” Malviya said, pointing out that Modi follows the Twitter handles of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal as well.

The BJP’s IT cell head also said the Prime Minister still follows Parthesh Patel, a former BJP volunteer who joined Congress and “then began abusing him in the worst possible language”. “Our Prime Minister is a rare leader who truly believes in freedom of speech, and has never blocked or unfollowed anybody on Twitter,” Malviya claimed.