“The Hindu” Journo’s Another Lie Caught Red Handed After “Dead Woman Molestation Fake Story” ……

Following the social media outrage and Mumbai Police trashing the report about molestation of Elphinstone stampede victim, legacy newspaper The Hindu was forced to withdraw the story and claimed their story was “the result of the failure to adhere to journalistic norms”. In a series of tweets late Tuesday night, The Hindu expressed regret at publishing the story:

The Hindu Mumbai, too, posted an apology which would be carried in the print edition the following day.

On Monday we had reported how social media was sceptical of the “Elphinstone stampede: Dying woman molested on bridge by bystander, video shows” story by The Hindu which could not be corroborated with any proper evidence.

Following this, a lot of people started questioning The Hindu about the malicious reporting.

The reason why people took the claims of The Hindu very seriously was because, it shook the very core of everyone who read it, owing to the ghastly circumstances under which it was reported to have happened.

The thought of a bystander molesting a woman seconds away from breathing her last was a depth of degeneracy few had imagined. However, at a time when we are trying very hard to fight the ‘criminalising marital rape will be misused like dowry law’ mindset of people in our fight to criminalise marital rape, incidents like these act as deterrents to strengthen our case.

But the string of fake news from “The Hindu” is not stopping anytime soon. Yesterday another Presstitute caught circulating Fake Images who belongs to “The Hindu”.

Yesterday, Mahesh Langa, a Journalist with a “Blue Tick” on Twitter, Tried showing that “No one is interested to attend the rally of Gujarat CM, by showing empty chairs, the pics which he had taken in the early morning when no one was there in the rallying place.

But the true pictures tell a different story. Hindu Journalist lied on 2 things.

  1. Gujarat CM did not even attend the Rally. It was Gujarat’s DCM’s rally.
  2. The Chairs were not empty, were fully packed show:

See the truth from the Twitter handle of Amit Malviya:

with the inputs from thelotpot