This how Liberals and Bollywood spent On Justin Bieber Who lecture Hindus During Festivals

Justin Bieber’s in town for his Purpose India Tour and he might be on stage, belting out his favorite numbers to the crowd. Obviously, the crowd has turned up in huge numbers and the euphoria is hitting the roof!

But people at the concert are paying Rs 100 for each bottle. Yes, exactly! 100 rupees for a water bottle which costs Rs 15…

The ticket prices for the concert are anyway exorbitant and this just adds to the ordinary man’s woes. At least, this is something the organizers could have managed to not put a subsidy on. Sad but true!

The ticket categories for the concert was divided into Diamond (Rs 25,200), Platinum (Rs 15,400), Gold (Rs 10,080), Silver (Rs 7,700) and GA (Rs 4,060). But wait, what about the VIPs and VVIPs of the world?

This is how the different categories of VIP tickets are priced: VVIP 3: Rs 36,505; VVIP 2: Rs 58,030; VVIP 1: Rs 76,790

This is the hypocrisy of Bollywood people and so called liberals who are always in the run to give lecture about wastage of money during Hindu festivals and marriages but look how they are spending on Justin Bieber, instead of spending that money on him they would have spent on poor Indians