This is what Happened when Saudi King’s golden escalator got stuck in Moscow

Saudi Arabia King Salman found himself in a rare moment of descending down the stairs of his airplane.

Well, it’s rare enough to have enough escalators in a plane and add the ‘golden’ factor to it, it’s makes it an extraordinary ride that screams of extreme wealth

In case you didn’t know, the Saudi Arabia King travels in a private jet which has escalators made of gold.

However, his lucky ride was not so lucky when he landed in Moscow on Wednesday, as the plane’s escalator stopped working midway leaving him stuck halfway to the tarmac.

Dazed and confused, the 81-year-old king patiently waited for the escalators to get back in action. However, as few minutes passed and no function, the super-rich king descended the staircase step by step.

King Salman is in Russia to hold discussions with the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the global oil market and Syrian crisis.