Video : Hardik Patel Says Hillary Clinton Was The First Person To Climb Mount Everest, School Students Shocked

As the elections are approaching in Gujarat the Patidar reservation leader Hardik Patel also increased his presence in the state and visits different places attending meetings and interact with people. On Sunday Hardik Patel reached Varnama and met the leaders of PAAS and discuss future course of action.

On Sunday evening the Patidar leader was in Varnama for a function to felicitate school students. However during his speech to the students the Patel leader’s lack of general knowledge embarrassed the gathering and surprised the students.

Asking the students not to lose hope and always make efforts to achieve their goal, Hardik gives a wrong example in front of the gathering. While giving an example about the first person to climb Mount Everest he named Hillary Clinton and the students shocked to hear that. In reality Edmund Hillary was the first one to climb Mount Everest but Hardik named Hillary Clinton the US Presidential candidate of USA as the first to climb it.

Be it a slip of tongue or lack of knowledge the speech of Patidar leader who makes headlines in the world surprised the people present there at the school ground. Hardik named Hillary Clinton as the first person to climb Mount Everest instead of the original Edmund Hillary embarrassed the gathering and surprised the students.
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