War On Twitter Between Dehli CM Kejriwal And Panjab CM Amarinder Singh Over Smog in Delhi

On Wednesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh were involved in a Twitter argument over the measures to stop stubble burning in the neighbouring states – a factor that has been held responsible for the smog in Delhi.

Kejriwal first reached out to Amarinder Singh for a meeting to resolve crop burning and the issue of air pollution. He tweeted that he was trying to make appointments with the chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana for meetings to discuss a solution to the problem.

Punjab Chief Minister, responding to the tweet, stated that he shared the Delhi CM’s concern, but the matter was out of his hands.

“Centre alone can solve the problem given its national implications,” Singh tweeted.

To which, Kejriwal responded that though it was Centre’s prerogative, the states had to take some action.

Singh insisted that the state of Punjab was helpless.

Kejriwal yet again sought a meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister.