What is the scientific proof that the “Ramayana” had actually happened?

Rama is a historic man and the Valmiki Ramayana is a true history.

It was painful to read the news on 13-9-2007 that the central Govt. of India submitted an affidavit in the Supreme court that there was no historical and scientific evidence to establish the existence of Rama and the Ramayana. The Archaeological survey of India stated that the contents of the Valimiki Ramayan cannot be a historical record, because there is no proof to the characters and events, depicted therein.

This statement is agonizing because there is ample evidence in the Valmiki Ramayana to prove that it is history. I say so because I have studied the Valmiki Ramayan for many years and have done lot of research on it.

Valmiki was contemporary to Rama and he wrote the history. He says at 1-3-9 that he searched for the information and then wrote the history. When Seeta was abandoned by Rama, she came to Valmiki’s hermitage. Therefore Valmiki could gather a lot of information from her. In spite of this statement, if the Govt. does not want to believe, then how could it believe in the existence of Jesus and Mohamad Paigambar? Why the Govt. declared holiday on the birth date of Mohamad, which is not known to any book, historical or other.

The Ramayana is a true history, therefore Valimiki has given 73 ancestors of Rama and recorded which Prince married which princess. The ancestry of Rama and Seeta both is recorded by Valmiki. It is not so in case of Jesus and Paigambar. Even then the Govt agrees with them and not with Rama. Why?

If Rama was an imaginary character how should he be referred to by hundreds of books for hundreds of years? The imaginary characters are not at all referred to by other books. For example, Tarzan and Sherlock Homes are not at all referred to by other authors. The generators of those characters have not mentioned even the father and mother of their heroes. It is not the case with Rama and Seeta.

Seeta is referred to again and again, place to place, even in Lanka, which is at least 1500 miles away from the residence of Rama and Valmiki. Many places in Shri Lanka bear the names connected to Seeta. There is a place called as ‘Diwurungaha’ in Lanka, which means the tree, where Seeta took an oath of chastity. Why all historical stories are told in Shri Lanka? Only because, they are true historical facts.

In search of Seeta, Vanaras went to the east. Sugreeve told them to search for Seeta to the end of the east, which is demarcated by a golden, three branched, Tala tree, which shines from the top to bottom, carved on Uday Mountain. Kishkindha 40/53,54 describes this Tala tree having three branches. Valmiki wrote this true fact around 7292 years BC, and after 1965 AD such a three branched tree is discovered in the South America, on an offshoot of Mount Andes, near the Bay of Pisco. It is 820 feet tall, has three branches and it glitters like gold, when seen from the sky. Does this discovery not prove the Ramayana, authored by Valmiki, as true history? This one evidence alone is sufficient to prove the Valmiki Ramayana as true history.

Tulasi Ramayana is not a history, it is written in devotion, 7700 years after Rama’s demise. I have proved by astronomical mathematics that Rama’s birth date is 4th December 7323 BC. He married to Seeta on 7th April 7307 BC. Rama was to be coroneted on Thursday, 29th November 7306 BC, but had to go in to exile. Rama fought with Ravana from 3rd November 7292 BC to 15th Nov. 7292 BC. On Phalgun Amavasya, on 15th Nov. 7292 Rama killed Ravana. Valmiki has recorded Thursday and calculations show that it was the Thursday on 29th Nov. 7306 BC. This proves the Valmiki Ramayana has a true history.

Hanuman entered Lanka on1st Sept. 7292 BC and returned with information of Seeta on 3rd Sept. Rama moved his army to the south on 2nd October, reached the south sea on 22nd Oct. Nala built a temporary bridge in 5 days from 26th to 30th Oct. 7292 BC. Rama-Ravana war took place from 3rd Nov. to 15th Nov. 7292 BC. On 15th Nov. Phalguna Amavasya Rama killed Ravana. I have discovered the dates of almost 45 incidents from the Valmiki Ramayana. I used astronomy, which is a science.

Around Delhi it is supposed that Rama killed Ravana on Vijaya Dashami; this is absolutely wrong. Valmiki has clearly stated that it was Amavasya. (Yudh 92/64)

The Govt. depended on Archaeology, which is not a perfect science. During 1971, when I showed that Dinosaurs were present around Dwaraka during the Mahabharata era, around 5561 BC., the Archaeologist laughed at me saying the Dinosaurs never existed in India. But now existence of dinosaurs is well proved near Ahemedabad. Archaeologists did not approve my date of 5561 BC for the Mahabharata and 7323 BC for the Ramayana. They opined that there was no culture in such a remote past. But now a well-developed city is found submerged under the sea, in the Bay of Cambay, near Gujarath, which has water and drainage systems. It proves that the opinions of the Archaeological Survey are not believable.

It is true that the Rama Setu never existed. Valmiki calls it Nala Setu, so also Vyasa in the Mahabharata calls it Nala Setu. It was erected by one engineer Nala. Valmiki has written in clear words that Nala erected the Setu using trees. Valmiki never says that the rocks floated on water. On the contrary he states that big rocks were cut with machines and thrown in to the sea, which sank and on that foundation a Setu of wood was built. Valmiki wrote a true history, but later it was perverted by devotional writings like that of Tulasidas, in the 15th century AD.

Valmiki is keen to state the sea, there, was shallow and so boats could not go in to the sea. Today it is proved that the sea is shallow, proving the Ramayana as true history. How could Valmiki at least 1500 miles distant from the south sea write so exactly? Because he wrote history after gathering information from Hanuman, Seeta, Rama etc. Those were true characters

The Govt should not say that the Ramayana is not a history and Rama never existed. There is no evidence to say that. BJP, VHP, and others should also not say anything untrue. Why should they say it as Rama Setu? Why should they hold that the Setu was built with stones? Why should they suppose that the stones floated on water? It is all false. Valmiki was a truth abiding sage. He wrote the truth and truth only. Hindu should stick up to the truth.

The true fact is that there was a row of rocks, which made the sea shallow. Nala intelligently filled up the gaps in that row, with wood and made a temporary bridge. It was prepared 9299 years ago. How can it be present now? What is present is a natural row of rocks, which can be safely broken to prepare a way for ships. That way will save lot of fuel, time and money. It should be done. Nobody should oppose it and obstruct the national benefit. The Govt. too should avoid talking nonsense. The Govt. should abide by the truth. Rama was a true historic person and Valmiki has written a true history, though he used the form of poetry.

I am ready to help the Supreme Court and the Govt. to show the truth. I have already published a book in Marathi, “Vastava Ramayana”, which shows the true historicity of the Ramayana, fixing the dates of almost 50 incidents in Rama’s life.

by Dr. Padmakar Vishnu Vartak,
M.B.B.S., F.U.W.A.I., Ph.D. (Lit)[Washington DC]

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3 thoughts on “What is the scientific proof that the “Ramayana” had actually happened?

  • May 21, 2017 at 10:50 am

    The affidavit is by that Italian woman as dictated to her sycophants.

  • May 22, 2017 at 12:44 am

    It’s natural for the Indian archaeologist for not to believe for all of them have been taught the history written and told by the British “experts” and that’s what is taught in the Indian schools. Nobody dares to change it in the name of Secularism.

  • May 23, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Ramayana is undoubtedly true. When Valmiki’s existence is believed how Rama’s existence cannot be believed and Valmiki says that he brought up Rama’s children Lav and Kusa. The great epic sustains after Abiut 8000 years is proof enough. May archeological sites depicting Ram and others are excavated and fact of Rama’s existence cannot be questioned . The Greek mythology and the Iliad is a version of same as suited to their times and nation. Further after Parasurama an axe weilding Brahmin representing Stone Age and Ram a bow wielding chief representing Iron Age all other incarnations is biological. Cultural and in socia
    Dimension man’s evolution . The incidents as belonging to thee times cannot be questioned, Valmiki must have moved with Rama the length and breadth of the country to describe fauna and flora of Bharat in minute details is proof enough . When Shakaracharya in less time as he lived short could traverse throughout India and establish 18 Shakti peethas why doubt Rama ,, Man undoubtedly prayed to Shakti because he saw mother and believed mother is Shakti and Godess . Then Parasurama venerated mother and when she got disturbed by the opulence of Gandharva and mud pot could not be made Parasurama cursed mother. A transition to God male , first chief Rama of all virtues naturally God . Now Mata Sita and the virtue of woman to be protected at any cost and only husband should regain in war vanquishing the kidnapper who failed to win her hand in Swayamvaram an evil to be vanquished , in Vedic dharma abductionof woman first sin , grabbing property and making beggars of grabbed second that happened in Mahabharata and tellng lies etc hurting women and children are all punishable The incidents happened will come to light when the victims are chiefs or important and while narrating reality is added with some mirch and masala to make it a lesson for others to not indulge. These are spread by ballads and interpolations and embellishments are common . But in original Sanskrit many do not appear.

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