You Will Be Shocked After Knowing The Daily Routine Of UP CM Yogi Adityanath

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Yogi Adityanath will now be having more responsibilities on his shoulders as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh than he had when he was merely an MP from Gorakhpur.

He also has the additional responsibility of thwarting the prognostications of his detractors who claim that UP is now heading for a communal future.

Whatever he does as the CM will be known to all in the coming years. But one can judge a leader’s character from his regular routine.

So what has been Adityanath’s routine before he became the CM of India’s most populous state?

Adityanath is an MP from Gorakhpur and is also the head priest of the Gorakhnath Math.

He wakes up at around 3 in the morning and goes to bed at 11 in the night.

He performs religious activities, such as offering prayers, early in the morning and spends the rest of the day working for the people.

Adityanath practices yoga and then leaves goes on a round checking the cleanliness of the entire Gorakhnath Math.

He then visits the cow shed and feeds the cows. Later he finishes up the work related to the management of the temple.

At 9 am, he listens to the grievances of people in his constituency and elsewhere in the state. Some of the grievances are addressed through phone or mail to concerned officials.

In the afternoon, he leaves for programs outside the temple complex and returns in the evening to again listen to the grievances of the people.

Among those who bring their grievances are a high number of Muslims. Adityanath listens to everyone and solves their problems.

Before going to bed, he personally attends to phone calls of his supporters from India and abroad.

Yogi Adityanath eats the same food that is cooked for the hundreds of monks and saints who live in the Math but his morning meal consists of oatmeal, chickpea and papaya with milk.

This was basically his regular routine while he was at Gorakhpur. As a Chief Minister, he will be working from Lucknow, the state capital.